Muscular Treatment and Chiropractic

Muscular Treatment and Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is a crucial tool for pain relief, no matter the location of the pain. The benefits you can reap from our chiropractor are innumerable, including; preventing joint pain, better posture, improving the intensity and dropping the frequency of headaches, relief from symptoms of pregnancy, and much more. However, adjustments are not the only method our chiropractor, uses to help decrease pain and heal your body. Treating the muscles that support your skeleton is just as important to us as adjusting the spine and the joints.

So, what effect does muscle treatment have on your chiropractic treatment?

Without our muscles, our spine and skeleton would be useless! Without muscles, we couldn’t move. Without healthy muscles, we can’t move to our full potential and run the risk of creating harmful movements in our joints, which can lead to more pain. One way Dr. Kite can help improve your muscular health is by providing you with rehabilitation exercises to strengthen muscles directly related to your pains. The exercises our chiropractor can provide you will be tailored to your specific diagnosis to ensure the best results.

Dr. Kite also specializes in what is known as Active Release Technique (ART), a muscular focused treatment that enables an unhealthy muscle to break down so that the tissue can heal itself. ART is a soft-tissue and movement based massage technique that is focused on muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve pain. Everything from headaches to foot pain will notice drastic improvements with the specialized therapy that is ART. A surprising amount of painful conditions in the body are related to overuse or damaged muscles, and our Lone Tree chiropractic office is happy to help you find pain relief forever!

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