What Can Chiropractic Care Do For You?

What Can Chiropractic Care Do For You?

Chiropractic medicine was developed in 1895 by D. D. Palmer, proving its innumerable benefits right away when Palmer manages to cure a man named Harvey Lillard of deafness in one ear. The hearing is an important sense, and it’s amazing to think it could be restored by a simple spinal adjustment! Once Lillard’s vertebrae were adjusted back into place, his hearing was restored. Vertebral subluxations, or displaced vertebra putting pressure on nerves, can cause a wide array of disruptions within bodily systems. These disruptions can be corrected and cured with regular adjustments. While effective, corrections and adjustments are just one of many ways that a chiropractor will treat their patients.

Chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability in America. It is estimated that one in every four people suffers from some kind of acute or chronic pain. That is a whopping 76.4 million people!

The good news is, there is a cure!

Chiropractic care has proven to be even more effective at treating pain than medications. A 2012 study on spinal manipulation proved that adjustments were more effective in treating acute neck pain than any medication on the market. Not only was it more effective, but a similar study in 2013 revealed that the patients that chose chiropractic also paid less for their treatment overall. There is also research that supports a drastic improvement in conditions such as headaches, lower back pain, sciatica, scoliosis and ear infections. The reason chiropractic care is such an effective treatment for pain is that chiropractors treat the root cause of the pain rather than the symptoms. While it’s not necessarily a miracle treatment, it can’t cure everything, after all, often it can reverse the actual cause of the pain. Unlike pain medications, which just mask the pain until it wears off, a chiropractor can straighten out the spine in a way that opens the channels for healthy nerve synapses, which can eliminate the pain. Your nervous system is one of the most important parts of your body because it controls everything from active movement to involuntary actions like breathing. Since the spine is the vessel and protection for the nervous system, spine health is extremely important in maintaining health and comfort in your own body.

Another bonus of chiropractic care for pain management is that the doctor generally chooses to take a drug-free approach. Medications in general, but especially pain medications, can cause a wide array of side effects that put unnecessary stress on your body. By focusing less on the symptoms and more on a holistic system, chiropractors achieve and maintain total body health and eliminate the need for drugs.

Also, chiropractic care is safe to use in complements with any other treatments you may be receiving from any other health care provider. It is also unique in that it is a very low-risk treatment option. The most common side effects of adjustments would be slight soreness or aches at the adjustment site. Seems pretty mild compared to nausea, dizziness, constipation and even addiction that can be caused by painkillers, doesn’t it? While some patients may experience fatigue or headaches post-adjustment, these are just indicators that the treatment has encouraged your body to heal itself from the inside; as it is intended to. Not only are chiropractic treatments generally efficient and quick, they’re a wonderful non-invasive treatment option. Your chiropractor can also provide you with several exercises to continue your care beyond the office and help you see the best results. Holistic treatment options are greatly encouraged in a chiropractic office. Allowing the body to heal itself is our #1 priority.

Back and neck pain is some of the most common complaints chiropractic patients seek care for. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health conducted a study and, of the four million Americans that receive chiropractic care, over sixty percent perceived a “great benefit” from their treatment. This is because instead of drugs or surgery, a chiropractor will treat you by manipulating your spine and getting your nervous system back in order. Healthy nerves synapses keep the whole body functioning at full capacity.
Yet another piece of good news, chiropractic care is also an effective treatment for chronic conditions. There is a large community of patients suffering from “invisible” conditions such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Adjustments benefit the nervous system, and those benefits affect the entire body. They can ease or even cure pain conditions. It is also an effective tool for pregnant women to relieve back and foot pain caused by pregnancy weight gain and the stresses of growing a baby. Restoration of the alignment of the Atlas (a.k.a the top cervical vertebra just below the skull) has been proven to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Treatment works just as well, and in some cases better, than two-drug combination therapy. Your chiropractor can even aid in sleep disturbances and insomnia in children and adults. reducing pain and regulating hormones.

Your chiropractor can help with common dysfunctions, but can also relieve symptoms from treatment for cancer patients. Cancer treatment is very intensive and can cause a lot of stress on the musculoskeletal system. It can cause aches, pains, headaches and other physical limitations. Chiropractic care can make the battle with cancer more comfortable for the patient.

Reducing joint dysfunction is another example of how chiropractic care plays a huge role in preventative health. Just because you are not in pain does not mean your body is healthy. Any abnormalities in joints, resulting from any number of mini-traumas, can cause compensation movements that can affect normal body movement. By the time pain presents itself, the actual dysfunction could have been present for a long time. This can cause damage that could be avoided with regular adjustments by a chiropractor.

Poor posture has become an epidemic in modern society. The human body was not designed to sit in a chair for long periods of time, as our culture has started to do rather regularly, it was designed to move! Posture problems can cause shoulder, back and neck pain and a host of other side effects, including: worsening of depression symptoms, putting stress on the body, disrupting cardiovascular circulation and lymph drainage, and even constipation. Chiropractic adjustments and personalized home-care suggestions can fix these posture problems by making sure your spine is straight and strong. It’s amazing what it can do for issues you probably wouldn’t normally associate with spinal health.

Obviously, the body’s immune system is very important; it’s your body’s defense system against disease. Research has proven that chiropractic patients have significantly stronger immune systems due to high-functioning nervous systems, Not only can chiropractors help your bodily health, but also your mental health. Since the messages the brain sends and receives are all transmitted through the nervous system, it stands to reason that chiropractic treatments can benefit mental health. Regular adjustments have been proven to relieve symptoms of depression, especially as it relates to chronic pain. When pain is a part of your daily life, it impairs focus and motivation. This makes it hard to be social and partake in activities once enjoyed by the patient, which can aggravate symptoms of depression. Patients suffering from anxiety disorders are likely to suffer from migraines, jaw pain, and neck pain; especially if they hold themselves in a “protective” stance. Chiropractic adjustments can open up the chest, which can improve confidence and allows the body to support itself in a healthy way. A chiropractor can also teach a patient to understand the signs of tension and stress and provide home-care options to prevent flare-ups in the future.

Every athlete should know that the stability and self-healing provided by chiropractic care are invaluable to performance in sports and intensive activities. The body takes a real beating in most sports, and adjustments can serve to undo a lot of that damage and also help heal injuries. By reducing pain symptoms and increasing healthy nervous function, the actual athletic performance will be increased, while the solidity and body awareness garnered from care reduce chances of injury.

Everybody knows that healthcare ain’t cheap, and yet another bonus of choosing a chiropractor to guide you on your journey to health is that it costs less. A physician may recommend you visit a specialist, who will recommend physical therapy, and chances are someone is going to mention a prescription. All of a sudden you’re out hundreds of dollars and the root cause of your pain or health concerns still looms over you. However, a seven-year study proved that chiropractic patients cut their drug costs by 81%, had 62% fewer outpatient surgeries, 60% fewer hospital visits and 59% fewer days spent in the hospital versus the general population that does not regularly see a chiropractor.

Not only can we make you feel better, for life, but we can save you money while we do it!

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