What is Causing Your Knee Pain?

What is Causing Your Knee Pain?

The number of Americans living with severe joint pain is on the rise! In 2012 a startling 6.6 million people reported feeling knee pain specifically. Chronic knee pain is described as pain, swelling or sensitivity in one or both knees, and the cause of your knee pain can determine how your symptoms will present themselves. The good news is that chiropractic care can help to decrease, or even eliminate, knee pain! So what different things can cause knee pain?

Acute knee pain will be caused by injuries or accidents. This type of pain generally resolves with rest and therapeutic treatments, such as rehabilitative movement and treatment from a chiropractor. However, when it comes to acute injuries, the body is capable of healing itself rather well. Chronic knee pain is a little bit different. Chronic pain is generally attributed to a number of causes and conditions. These causes can range from arthritis to torn ligaments, or from inflammation with overuse to a buildup of uric acid. Between sprains and strains, improper ergonomics with movement and improper stretching, those chronically painful knees always run the risk of getting worse! Additionally, factors such as age, previous injuries, or weight can also affect your knees. Although movement and exercise are one of the healthiest things you can do for your joints and your body, overuse and muscular imbalances are the number one cause of different knee related problems. Knee pain can cause hindrances inactivity, as well as daily life, and who wants to live with that?

Well, whether you’re suffering from arthritis, cartilage issues, or any other knee problems, there’s hope for improvement! Regardless of your knee problem, a chiropractor can help you. When treating knee pain, all mechanics need to be examined, including your walking gait, lower back, hip and pelvis health and alignment. This is because any sort of dysfunction in any of the lower body joints can cause extra stress on the knee, these mechanics can be fixed with regular chiropractic adjustments. Also, by treating these other areas, your chiropractor is able to maximize the long-term improvement of your knee pain or injury. Of course, your chiropractor will treat your knees directly as well. With a variety of joint-specific manipulations and various other treatments to decrease pain. So, what can you expect from these chiropractic treatments? Reduced inflammation, healing of the soft tissue supporting the knee, more knee stability, and normalized joint function. Chiropractors will also provide you with a rehabilitation program to not only speed your healing but keep your knees healthy and pain-free for life!

No one wants to live with pain or limitations. With the abundance of treatment options available through chiropractic care, a pain-free life is not only possible but probable! Chiropractic care is also great in that it is non-invasive and totally natural. The human body craves alignment, and by achieving that alignment through chiropractic adjustments, you’ll be well on your way to a fulfilling, mobile and comfortable life!

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